When Quitting Is Honourable

I want to preface this by saying, I am not somebody who gives up easily but …

… we all have to face tough decisions from time to time and those decisions are tough to make when we are living in what so many call a ‘hustle culture’.

We are bombarded with constant messages that encourage us to work day and night, to ‘never stop’,  to keep pushing forward, to ‘work when the competition is sleeping’ where the only way  seen to be successful is in pushing forward!

Think about this constant pressure, the expectation to constantly strive to complete something that may not be suiting you anymore.

Sometimes this can lead to bad life and business decisions.

Do you know what I think isn’t honourable?

Doing something that is no longer right or doing something you no longer enjoy, just because you once said you would.

It’s not honourable to spend these precious years disowning your truth in the hopes that no one will get hurt.

Sometimes being a quitter is the most powerful thing you can claim for yourself.

So do it now.

Quit doing what others want you to do in hopes you’ll be more lovable. The right people will love you standing fully in your truth no matter what your choice is.

Quit saying yes and disowning yourself out of fear.

Quit ignoring that little voice inside that says something isn’t right. Listen to it, it’s telling you what you already know.

Quit ignoring the voice that says leap, the voice that says you CAN have it all… because you can, if you follow your truth.

The truth may hurt, but it can never hurt more than a lie, lying to yourself hurts a lot.

Here’s the truth:

Quitting takes courage.

It takes trust
It takes strength and it takes fire. Fire that you may not have felt in yourself in a very long time.

Now is the time.

If something does not serve you any longer or something feels intuitively wrong inside, let it go.

Don’t put it off for too long or one day you will wake up and wish you had.

Go after what your heart is really after, but don’t confuse your truth for a person or a material thing.

What you are looking for, what you desire, your purpose,  it is  all within YOU. Don’t ignore that, that is where you will find LOVE, it’s wild within you.

Letting go of the wrong things will lead you to the right things.

Life is short, now is your time to live it, exactly as you want and only as you can

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