Break Up With Normal

It is very close to 5 years now that I actually started my own business. But, it was exactly 5 years today that I made the decision that I was going to leave employment and start my own thing, I remember it like yesterday. I remember sitting in my company car, looking in the mirror, terrified but SO excited that I was going to do this …

… It was the best decision of my life.

It’s not one big long glamorous journey having your own business, but it is a life of living, truly living. There have been epic highs and ultimate lows and I am SO grateful for it all.

Employment (for me) never allowed me to really experience ‘life’. I was contained, bound by rules and regulations and being paid to achieve someone else’s dream!

It was not for me, I wouldn’t choose that life for anything in this world.

Having my own business has given me freedom, it has given me discipline, it has given me choice, the ability to run wild if I wanted to, to travel, to truly make considered choices (because those choices could make you fly or fail in a heartbeat). It has given me the opportunity to take risks (they give you butterflies in your stomach but fire in your heart). It has given me fear, It has given me LOVE (the most unimaginable love I thought possible for a ‘job’) . It has allowed me to feel deeply, so so deeply for every emotion that I have felt on this journey so far, it makes me feel fully alive.

You see, I never experienced these emotions living a life whilst working for someone else. I never fully felt the depths of emotion for every decision I made because I was not the one making the real choices. Responsibility was not the same.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me whether they should take the jump and start their own business. My response has been that you will know deep down inside if they are going to do it.

I remember the moment 5 years ago today so well. Running a business is the scariest, most challenging, wonderful, amazing, epic adventure and it makes you feel every emotion of life so fully because you know deep down it’s up to you and on your shoulders only if you fail or you fly.

It has allowed me to meet, without question, some of the most amazing friends on this planet who have become as close to family as possible (without being blood related). It is just so magical and as I approach my official 5 years (the official incorporation of business date) I would not exchange this for the world. An employed life was a life of mediocrity for me, I am so glad I chose turbulence, excitement, fear, love and happiness, because it has allowed me to truly feel every emotion and to live life fully.

5 flipping years,  grateful does not cover it , I am so so grateful.

Today I am celebrating the best decision I ever made! 

I am interested to know, did you take a leap into your own business? I would love to hear your experiences!

With great happiness and love

Victoria x

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