Sunsets And Switching Off In Ibiza

Having just returned from a beautiful holiday in Ibiza with an amazing friend of mine, I thought I would share my thoughts about my first proper holiday away in four years. I have had the odd weekend or short break here and there, but as far as holidays go, this was the first holiday, I had given to myself in a long time.

Switching Off Can Be A Huge Problem …

As a business owner, I am sure many of you can relate when I say this, I really struggle to switch off!

My mind has always been full with thoughts, strategies and plans. New creative project ideas often visit me at 4am in the morning that then get transcribed into a notepad (that sits firmly next to my bedside) before turning over and falling back to sleep!

This is my fifth year in business. My business really is my baby. I love it, I nurture it, I take great care with it and I have spent the first few years with countless late nights and early mornings, nurturing, developing and growing something  that fills me with happiness and pride!

I know many of you will have experienced this, regrettably turning down birthday parties, events, holidays and anything else that takes you away from your business. Because, all that matters in those first few years is building something that matters, something that is sustainable and something that can support you comfortably in your lifestyle.

I’ve been there, I’ve done it, I’ve worn that t-shirt (excuse the terrible cliche). For anyone reading this who is going through this right now … keep going, hard work pays off! But make sure you take care of yourself too! burnout can be a debilitating thing! I’ve experienced it and it is so important to look after your inner health to perform well for your clients and for yourself.

The last twelve to eighteen months have been slightly different for me. I have been able to find more balance, to introduce the things that I used to love doing and to work super hard but, whilst also being able to balance this with the ability to enjoy the things that make life so wonderful!

However, I do still struggle to switch off!

So, on the 12th August … I boarded the plane to Ibiza with my dear friend Sian, who is also an incredibly hard worker with a very strong work ethic! A week in the sun to enjoy, relax and recoup was just what the doctor ordered!

Sian had told me countless times what an amazing place Ibiza was and she was not wrong! I have travelled to many places and having started my career in travel (many moons ago) I have been very fortunate to see a lot of lovely places in this world! Nothing could have prepared me for the beauty that was Ibiza!

We arrived on Saturday to scorching heat and a beautiful resort; Sensimar Ibiza Beach. We were welcomed with a glass of the fizzy stuff (for those that know me well, you will know I am a big fan of a glass of sparkles, so this was the perfect start to the holiday!). We enjoyed an afternoon by the poolside and a stroll around the stunning resort of Portinax, one of the most Northern parts of Ibiza. Instantly I felt relaxed.

Sunday was wonderful and one of those days that will remain as one of life’s highlights in my mind forever. It was our first full day on the Island. I actually found it so bizarre that I felt so relaxed and switched off. This is something I had not experienced for a very long time. We lay by the pool, laughing, joking, taking in the surroundings, talking to other fellow holiday goers about their lives and having the odd glass (or four) of fizzy! It felt like bliss and I remember saying to Sian, this is what life is all about, this is what we work so hard for!

Sunday was topped off with one of the most AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL moments I have experienced, going to see one of the iconic sunsets at Benirras Beach. A quick sidenote; put this place on your bucket list! I have never experienced beauty and tranquility quite like the sunsetting over the ocean amidst thousands of people all watching in awe as the golden light got lower and lower over the water. Tranquility may sound a little strange with so many people all in one place, but it really was. I said to Sian I was so close to tears with the magical atmosphere and the beauty that was on the beach with all of those people that evening.

Benirras Beach is a very ‘Hippy Style’ beach, exceptionally beautiful and surrounded with funky and quirky beach shacks and restaurants that served incredible cuisine (we opted for one of the tastiest fillet steaks I have ever tasted!). There was also a very cool little hippy market that was lovely to wander around in the dark of the evening once the sun had set!

If you are still not convinced, take a look at this …

Simply perfection!

After a perfect weekend, I was set for a week of complete relaxation, I was in holiday mode … or so I thought …

Enter Monday Morning …

Monday morning was very interesting for me. We lay on the sun loungers for a couple of hours and I just remember laying there and thinking, I should be working.

The weekend had gone and naturally this was now what would have been a typical ‘working week’. A couple of hours into the morning, I remember saying to Sian, I actually feel guilty for not working. Here we were in the most beautiful place and yet those ‘work thoughts’ were creeping into my head. I actually annoyed myself a little that I was allowing this to happen. It was as though my body clock knew that this was a work day and it was going to let me know that I shouldn’t be relaxing like this.

Being my first proper holiday away in years, I hadn’t experienced this feeling before. Come on brain, ‘switch off’, I told myself! About half way through the day, I quickly went to our room to check my e-mails, replied to a couple that I knew needed responding to and then back to the pool I went!

I then vouched to myself that for the rest of the week I would not check my e-mails again.

What was the worst that could happen If I wasn’t attached to my e-mails 24/7? … I wasn’t sure at this point, being so used to being heavily ‘switched on’ to them constantly. I had the team back at home holding the fort and yet I was still struggling to let go of the ropes and let the control go completely out of my hands, but I was about to challenge myself to step back and not look at them again.

By the afternoon relaxation mode had started to resume.

The best tonic for switching off and relaxing is …


A very good friend

Lots of laughing

Appreciating being in a moment (and knowing that the moment will not last forever)

Resting (and telling yourself it is good to rest and replenish yourself to be able to function well)

Good food

Nice cocktails

Meeting new friends (and learning about their lives)

Not talking work (or talking work very little)

I found that really immersing myself in the conversations and joy in every moment from this point really helped me to switch off and I remembered a wall art I had seen in the restaurant from the evening before at Benirras Beach. It may help you too, if you have struggled, like me, to switch off…

Acknowledge Your Effort. Nurture Your Dreams. Relax.

Who knew the next time I would be taking a holiday like this again, it could be 6 months or even 12 months. It was time to let go of control and just ENJOY it all (as I had done throughout the weekend!).

One thing that really sticks in my mind from this holiday is how really listening and being so interested in others soon makes you forget about the daily routines that life can bring. Although I have a lot of flexibility to tailor my life to how I want it to be, to some extent, we all have routine and it is good to break it for a while.

Now Sian is a very dear friend of mine, I value her friendship greatly. Friendships, (as all my close friends will know) are very important to me. I am sure though, many of you may relate to this when I say we don’t always give our friendships and relationships 100% attention while there are so many distractions and things happening in our day to day lives. We are often ‘present’ but not ‘fully present’. I learned so much more about my friend who I have know for years, by listening and enjoying each moment that we had, without being distracted by the other things in my world. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Thank you to you Sian for being you, for helping me to relax, for providing countless ‘lol’ moments and for helping to create amazing memories!

The Rest Of The Week … A Week Of Experiences

Being on holiday with a friend who has experienced Ibiza on numerous occasions before meant that we really experienced the island in the best way possible! As well as completely relaxing and having days where we did absolutely nothing, we also explored and visited beautiful and iconic areas of Ibiza!

Ibiza Town, Talamanca and San Antonio were all places that we dipped into, to experience a little bit more of Ibiza’s magic! The beautiful thing about this Island is that every single part of it feels like a different holiday. There is so much variety and beauty and I can see why people return year after year. I will be going again, just try and stop me!

We got the ‘party bus’ to San Antonio and experienced cocktails in Cafe Mambo. We saw Craig David perform at Ibiza Rocks and watched stunning sunset across San Antonio Bay with our new friend Donna a lady who worked in our hotel! We chose the yacht that we would like to purchase, just a little £29 million pound number that docked in the marina of Ibiza Town, WOW! There were some stunningly beautiful boats that we saw! We spent a complete day of relaxation at Rehab Beach Club, where I tasted some of the most beautiful king crab and lobster I have ever tasted, all washed down with a glass (or seven) of fizzy. It would have been rude not to! And we met some outstanding human beings and staff at the hotel that created memories that will last a lifetime!



What A Time To Be Alive …

As Craig Davids t-shirt read during his performance …. ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ and it really is. If you really stop and look at your life and the moments that make it so special, it makes you realise how lucky you are for all of it and how every moment should be lived to it’s fullest potential. I am lucky, you are lucky for the work you get to do each day, for the experiences you have, for the holidays you get to take, for your friendships, for your relationships, for your family.

Back To Work …

Being able to finally switch off was a great thing for me. I have come back recharged, refreshed, grateful and full of ideas and strategies for both my clients and myself. I realise now, how essential it is to take the time to relax and recuperate. I will not be waiting for another four years for the next holiday, that is for sure. It has been a busy and productive week this week. New opportunities are already lined up for the Autumn and I feel fighting fit in body and mind to take them on and work super hard!

A huge thank you to Sian for a wonderful holiday and to all the people we met that made it a holiday to remember!

If you struggle to switch off from daily life and work, please take this advice from someone who has really struggled with it, it is essential and it will help you to become a better person both physically and mentally.

And as for you Ibiza, I will be back, you can guarantee that,  there is much more to explore and I can not wait for the next time!

Until then …

Cheers, Salute!


Do you struggle with switching off? I would love to hear from you and how you deal with it or overcome it

Thank you for reading

Victoria x


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